Kol Hamusika is Still in Danger!

ON JULY THE 3RD, 20:00


Y. Barel said that he would not close Kol Hamusika.

But he may yet reduce the budget of the station, close its studios and cause its swift decay.

Very probably he may close the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

We will continue to fight for the health of Kol Hamusika:

    Would it be a poor station able to broadcast only commercial recordings?

    Or will the station get the chance to renew its vitality to portray the musical life in the country  

     as it once did?

We shall also protest against the threat to our orchestras and ensembles, and the reduction in budgets for our strangled conservatories and other musical institutions.

Israeli concert music, vital part of our culture, must be given essential financial and institutional help.


Our evening will include speeches by public figures and performances of music.


The emergency meeting has been organized by the

Israeli Composers’ League,

The Tel Aviv Museum,

Israel Forum of Musicians,

The League of  Music Teachers of Israel.


July 3rd at 20:00 at the Tel Aviv Museum